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Tork is all about understanding our customers’ needs and giving them products and services that help them focus on what matters most to their business. Sustainability is an integrated part of that, and of everything we do.

Good hygiene is good for business

People want to know they’re staying, eating or working in a safe and clean environment. And businesses want to know they’ve done all they can to cut the risk of disruption from absence. But good hygiene is a joint effort that depends on colleagues and customers getting into the habit of effective hand washing.  

We’re here to help. We can help put together the best combination of our products to make hand hygiene easier for everyone in your workplace. So you can give your guests greater confidence, reassure your colleagues about washroom cleanliness, or cut cross contamination in critical environments.


The Xpressnap AD-a-Glance feature is your window of opportunity to use the display panels to turn your dispenser into an onsite marketing tool. It's easy to use your AD-a-Glance to make a difference - both in your community and for your bottom line!

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Every healthcare facility is dedicated to improving its patients' quality of life. Our hand hygiene systems are specially developed for caregivers and cut down the risk of infection. So it’s easier for your colleagues to keep on top of hygiene and focus on what really matters – excellent standards of patient care. How can we help you to take better care of your team, your patients and your facility?

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Regardless of whether you are in a small office or a big office building, Tork offers what you need. We all spend a lot of our time at the work place so we know that hygiene at work is crucial. Good hygiene at work shows that you care for your employees. It also supports having less sick days. Our offer ranges from what you need for an excellent washroom to practical solutions for the coffee corner. Should you have in-house catering, we can help your hygiene ambitions there also.

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